Volunteers Needed

It takes a lot of work to get ready for the Crater Lake Century, and it can’t happen without the generous help of our volunteers. This year we are recruiting approximately 50 volunteers in the following positions.

Pre-Event Volunteer Positions:

• Registration Team (6) – checks riders in Friday, Aug. 14th from 4- 7pm and Saturday, Aug. 15th from 6-8:30 am. Assembles rider information, bib numbers, bracelets, etc. before hand.

• Route Markers (2) – scouts route by bike or car two weeks before ride to assess safety issues. Places signage and marks hazards early Saturday morning before ride starts.

• Food Team (4) – organizes and prepares food and supplies for 300 riders. Emphasis will be on homemade food like roasted red potatoes, homemade cookies and maybe even a post ride dessert! Team will help assemble Sag Stop boxes. Event Day Volunteer Positions for Aug. 15th:

• Parking (2) – directs parking in an orderly manner. Shift 5:45-8:30 am. • Start & Finish Crew (8) – parcels riders out in groups of no more than 15, checks off bib numbers and gives a short safety talk. The finish crew welcomes riders home and tracks bib numbers so there is an accurate count of riders still on the course. Shifts 6-9 am, 9-1 pm, 1-4 pm, 4-7 pm.

• Sag Stops (20) – join us at one of our four rest stops, setting up tables, preparing and serving food and drinks. Shifts range from 3-5 hours starting at 7 am and ending at 6:30 pm.

• Clothing Bags/Dessert Servers (3) – shuttles bag drops from rest stops back to Fort Klamath and helps serve post ride dessert. Shifts 11-2 pm, 2-5 pm, 5-7 pm.

• Clean-Up (3) – help tear down tables, garbage pick-up, ??. Shift 5- 7:30 pm.


Please call or email Zach at 541-331-5247 or craterlakecentury@gmail.com if you are interested in helping!

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