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Ride Update 8/11/2014

Crater Lake Webcam 8/12/14

Crater Lake Webcam 8/12/14

Well it is shaping up to be an awesome event this year.  This will be a long email so I apologize in advance, but I want your ride here to be absolutely perfect, so the more prepared you are, the more fun you will have. Here we go:


A couple things I learned this past Sunday while I was driving around the rim .

  • If you see Orange Cones on the side of the road you will want to SLOW DOWN.  The Park Service has placed these cones next to rough areas on the road.  However, they are not at every Rough area so please pay special attention on down hill sections.
  • There has been quite a bit of Chip Seal put down around the rim and Highway 62.  It is new but it was not done last week.  There does not appear to be a lot of loose rocks left on the road and appears to have been swept already.  Also some of the roads have also had a fog seal put over the top of the chip seal.  This is good because it covers any loose stones.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ULTRA LIGHT TIRES FOR THIS RIDE.
  • The Park is doing road construction on the North Rim (mile 47 to 53) and the road is down to one Lane in a small stretch.  There will be a Traffic Light that you will have to stop at and will direct traffic through the 1 lane section.  Also this stretch of the rim is VERY torn up and Rough this year.   Please be extremely careful on the downhill sections as there are several pot holes that will swallow you!!!   .


During the latter part of last week we received some rain in Southern Oregon which has dramatically helped the air quality in Klamath Falls and more importantly around Crater Lake.   I was up on the Rim on Sunday afternoon around 1:30 and you could see the lake clearly and smoke did not appear to be an issue.  The Crater Lake Rim run was held last Saturday and smoke was not an issue for the Runners.  With that said, unfortunately, I can’t promise anything about the air quality on the day of our Ride.   The only way I will cancel the ride is if the National Park Service requires me to.  I wish I could tell you more, but in this case it truly is out of my hands and I and many others are keeping our fingers crossed for a beautiful ride on Saturday.  Click on the link below for a great website about the smoke and air quality in Southern Oregon .



Crater Lake Webcam - Annie Springs Entrance 8/12/14

Crater Lake Webcam – Annie Springs Entrance 8/12/14

2) Weather Clothes drop

A)     The forecast from Accuweather for this weekend is Sunny with a low of 46 and a high of 82. You can check current conditions at the park as the week progresses from the website below

B)     Due to cold morning temperatures during our past rides, we will once again have our popular clothes drop at the 1st and 2nd rest stop for the Century and the 1st rest stop for the Metric Century. All you do is grab a white garbage bag and write your name and Bib on the bag and hand it to the volunteers. We will then shuttle the bags back to the Fort Klamath museum for you to pick up when you have completed your ride. The bag pickup will be next to the Museum/BBQ.

a.     Items to wear in the morning may include: Ear warmers, Gloves with long fingers, Wind Vest, Shoe Booties, Cold weather tights, etc

C)     With the temperature only expected to hit 75/82, I would recommend keeping a wind vest for the long downhill’s on the back side of the rim!


3) Safety Notes

The Downhill entrance to the Fort Klamath museum has new gravel that is deep, soft, and very loose.  Please step off your bike on the pavement/roadway and walk it down the ramp and through the entrance gate.  The skinny tires on your road bikes will NOT handle the loose and deep gravel very well.  Don’t ruin a great ride by wrecking in the last 10 yards!!

a)     HELMETS ARE MANDATORY at all times, this includes uphill climbs.

b)     Obey all Traffic Laws – This includes putting your foot down at ALL Stop signs

c)     No groups larger than 5 people

d)     RIDE SINGLE FILE – This is the #1 complaint that I get from the Rangers during the past 9 years. The roads are narrow and you MUST ride Single File. Please do not give the NPS a reason to decline our permit for next year.

Crater Lake Webcam - Headquarters 8/12/14

Crater Lake Webcam – Headquarters 8/12/14

4) Entrance to Park – Employee Lane

a)    After turning off Hwy 62 to turn into the park entrance there will be a pay station. Please use the far right lane (employee entrance). You MUST STOP at the STOP sign and be acknowledged by the park ranger before you continue on. Once again, please STOP, PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE GROUND, and be acknowledged by the Park Ranger before continuing on. This also causes complaints by the Rangers each year. Some forget to stop, then I get yelled out. ….. LOL…. Please, please just STOP.


5) Extra Water Stop

a)     There will be an extra water station between the 3rd and 4th sag stop. This station will NOT have any volunteers and will just have Water. Just water, no Gatorade or SPIZ. There will be a table placed at an overlook on the right hand side between Cleetwood Cove and Skellhead Overlook. We will have water jugs and signs placed around the table. This should be at about 59 to 62 miles into your ride.


6) Downhill Speeds

a)     I am sure some of you look forward to the awesome downhill’s that you will get to enjoy on this ride. However, I do want to caution you that the roads are once again rough and bumpy on the downhill’s after Cloudcap. For the Century riders this is between miles 64 and 75. For the Metric Century this is between miles 30 and 38.  Please just be aware and control your downhill speeds.   p.s. Road Rash is definitely not allowed on this ride!!!!


Crater Lake Webcam - Sinnott 8/12/14

Crater Lake Webcam – Sinnott 8/12/14


This is always tough on us. Please understand that we are purchasing for the masses and will not be able to meet everyone’s individual needs. I am providing the list ahead of time this year so that those of you with individual needs can try to bring your own.

a)      Refreshments – We will have plain water and water mixed with Gatorade.  I know some of you have specific needs for your drink (as I also do). When I actually got to ride and did Centuries I would carry my mix (accelerade) in a plastic bag in one of my back pockets. I would pre-measure enough mix for two bottles per sag stop, then I would mix it in with plain water at the sag stop. My tummy liked this much better!!

b)     SAG STOP – Food  

Here is the current list of what we will have: Fruit: Grapes, oranges, bananas, apples, cantaloupe (maybe some other types), Sandwiches – Peanut Butter (Jif or similar type) & Jelly, Subway sub sandwiches (Turkey, Ham, & Roast Beef) & chips (at two lunch sag stops), Trail mix, Pretzels, Bagels, Pastries. And of course, HOMEMADE COOKIES.

–     We will also have Cold Baked Potatoes to snack once again. We are going to bake them with Olive Oil and Parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top and baked to perfection (I hope).  We will have some salt shakers also.

–       This year I have ordered 100 one foot SUBWAY sandwiches.  They will be cut into 3 pieces, so they will be a little larger.  I am hoping that this will be enough this year.

–       We will also have SOME nutrition bars supplied by Hutches Bicycle Shop here in Klamath Falls at each sag stop. Since there are so many types, please plan on bringing your own nutrition bars.


8) AFTER RIDE BBQ – Wubba’s Famous BBQ

1) Vegetarian Menu:   BBQ Tofu Sandwich (I’m told this is a MUST Try). Vegetarian bbq beans. Cole Slaw, Quinoa Salad.

2) BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Tri-Trip, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, and assorted sodas,  Water.

3) Of course we will have dessert ….. you have to finish the ride to find out what it is!!!

Dang it. .. Now I am hungry ….. .


If you get into town on Friday and want to take a nice ride, you can ask the hotel to show you where the OC&E railroad bike trail is for a nice relatively flat 14 mile round trip ride.

It is going to be an awesome weekend and I am going to tell you now that you are about the ride the Most BEAUTIFUL CENTURY BIKE RIDE IN AMERICA!!!  Of course I am biased….LOL…

I will see you all on Friday night or Saturday, I will be in a WHITE Toyota Tundra up on the rim.  So if you see a tall bald guy stalking you in a WHITE Toyota Pickup don’t call the Police… Its only me!!!

Have a great ride everyone.


P.S. keep checking your email for last minute updates from me


Did you know? Crater Lake

Life & Living – Did you know? – Crater Lake
Herald and News, June 27, 2012.

On June 27, 2012.  The Herald and News published an editorial about Crater Lake in the Life & Living Section.  The editorial contains various trivial facts about the park.  Including:

  • The depth compared to other landmarks
  • Common birds/animals
  • Snowfall
  • The yellow stuff
  • and so much more
Click to view a high resolution copy for reading.


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