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The Century Ride

Century Riders (100 miles) will start at the Fort Klamath Museum on Crater Lake Highway (Rte 62) at 4,000 ft elevation, and will enjoy the first 35 miles along the valley floor of the Wood River Valley with breathtaking views of the surrounding Cascade mountains with old growth forests. This will be a nice warm up for the 3,000 ft climb to the Crater Lake Rim. Once reaching Crater Lake Rim and getting your first view of the brilliantly blue, awe inspiring Crater Lake, Century Riders will continue another 30 miles of peaks and valleys for an additional 3,000 ft of climbing around the lake on Rim Drive. Then riders will enjoy the ride back down to the Wood River Valley and will end the ride with 8 miles of flat roads back to the Fort Klamath Museum.

Ride rating: ****** (Extremely difficult – see the ride rating chart)

The Metric Ride

The Metric Century (62 miles) ride will start at the Fort Klamath Museum on Crater Lake Highway (Rte 62) at 4,000 ft elevation, and within 8 miles of the start will begin the 3,000 ft climb to Crater Lake Rim. Metric Century riders will turn around on the Crater Lake Rim at the Phantom Ship Overlook. After a well deserved break, riders will return back down to the Wood River Valley and the Fort Klamath Museum.

Ride rating: ****** (Extremely difficult – see the ride rating chart)

Schedule *Tentative*

Friday, June 16, 2017 – Last day to pre-order jersey

We will have approx 15 jerseys available at registration. Guarantee that your own jersey will be waiting for you in your goodie bag, by adding one during your online registration, before June 16th.


Friday, July 21, 2016 – Last day for Transfer Policy & Voucher Program

If something changes in your schedule at the last minute and prevents your attendance to the 2017 Crater Lake Century, we will issue a voucher that may be redeemed for the 2018 Crater Lake Century without financial consequence. You must notify us of your inability to attend by no later than July 21, 2017 by email to receive a voucher. Vouchers are non-transferable. Requests not received by email before this date will not be processed.


Friday, August 18, 2017 – Early Registration

11:00 AM Registration opens
Zach’s Bikes (835 Main St. Klamath Falls, OR)
8:00 PM Registration closes

Saturday, August 19, 2017 – 13th Annual Crater Lake Century (pending NPS approval)

6:00 AM Registration opens at the Fort Klamath Museum
Crater Lake Hwy (Hwy 62, Ft. Klamath)
6:30 AM Century & Metric Century rides start
(riders leave every 15 mins)
8:30 AM Registration closes
1:00 PM Barbeque lunch (1PM to 6PM)
6:00 PM Courses swept for last riders
7:00 PM Courses closed

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This is not a race!

It is recommended each rider bring (2) water bottles, a tube, patch kit, tire levers, pump, a spare tire and warm clothing in layers that can be shed as the day warms up.


PLEASE BE COURTEOUS OF LOCAL DRIVERS AND TRAFFIC. PLEASE OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! Be sure to come to a complete stop at all stop signs not controlled by volunteers or law enforcement personnel.

Single file

NO GROUPS LARGER THAN 5 BICYCLES AND YOU MUST RIDE SINGLE FILE. There must be adequate distance between groups to enable motorist to pass safely. Riders may not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.


If you ride in a paceline, please announce “on your left” when passing other riders. Please understand that you assume all liabilities and risks for riding in a paceline. Please pass riders with at least two feet of clearance between you and the rider you pass on your right.


Inclement weather

The ride will run as scheduled, rain or shine.  No refunds will be provided due to inclement weather.

Note to violators

Riders who violate vehicle code laws, ride unsafely, are discourteous, rude or dangerous to other riders (or volunteers) will be asked to leave the event and will not be allowed to ride in the Crater Lake Century next year.


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Volunteers and Information

Volunteers are needed to work registration Friday evening and in a variety of places Saturday (registration, SAG stops, finish line). Volunteers receive a free T-shirt and BBQ lunch for helping out. Call 541-331-5247  to sign up as a volunteer or for additional ride information.

It takes a lot of work to get ready for the Crater Lake Century, and it can’t happen without the generous help of our volunteers. We are recruiting approximately 50 volunteers in the following positions and what we have available.

• Registration Team  – checks riders in Friday, Aug. 19th from 4- 7pm and Saturday, Aug. 20th from 6-8:30 am. Assembles rider information, bib numbers, bracelets, etc. before hand.

• Route Markers – scouts route by bike or car two weeks before ride to assess safety issues. Places signage and marks hazards early Saturday morning before ride starts.

• Parking  – directs parking in an orderly manner. Shift 5:45-8:30 am.

• Start & Finish Crew  – parcels riders out in groups of no more than 15, checks off bib numbers and gives a short safety talk. The finish crew welcomes riders home and tracks bib numbers so there is an accurate count of riders still on the course. Shifts 6-9 am, 9-1 pm, 1-4 pm.

• Sag Stops – join us at one of our four rest stops, setting up tables, preparing and serving food and drinks. Shifts range from 3-5 hours starting at 7 am and ending at 6:30 pm.

• Clean-Up – help tear down tables, garbage pick-up and everything else. Shift 3:30- 7:00 pm.

Please call or email Zach at 541-331-5247 or craterlakecentury@gmail.com if you are interested in helping!

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Ride Rating Chart

Both the Century and Metric Century are rated as Extremely Difficult

Bicycle Ride Directors Association of America (BRDAA) has developed a ride rating system which allows cyclists to compare the various levels of difficulty found in BRDAA sanctioned events. By using the same “yardstick” for each BRDAA event, riders can anticipate the training and preparation required for a particular event. The BRDAA rating system consists of one to six stars; one star representing a very easy ride, progressing to six stars indicating a very difficult ride.

****** Extremely difficult 3,000-3,500+ 100+
***** Difficult 2,000-3,000+ 60-80
**** Moderate 1,000-2,000+ 40-60
*** Easy to moderate 500-1,000 20-40
** Easy 250-500 10-20
* Children’s ride 0-250 Under 10

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