2017 Event Update

Even though it doesn’t look like it yet, we are hard at work on this event for the 2017 year! We are currently working on a new website and have pretty much spent most of our attention there. I apologize if I have not gotten back to you in a timely fashion in the recent past. I have also been busy starting my own new bike shop, Zach’s Bikes, in downtown Klamath Falls.

To address a couple of the common questions I’ve received:

We have filed for a permit for the event for this year. This was dropped in the mail so as to arrive at the park on January 2nd (the first day to apply).

The tentative date will be August 19th, but that is pending National Parks approval.

We will be opening registration as soon as I have the permit in hand. This is usually the end of February or the start of March but could be as late as April.

I do not have control over road construction on the rim. I do not know where it will be, how extensive, or what the conditions will be. What I do know is that there will be persistent road construction for the next five to ten years, they will try to minimize the amount of road torn up to less than a mile at any given time, and that I will find out where they will be within two days of the event. We are looking into trying to have more volunteers on hand this year to offer shuttles across anything that is too bad.

We are looking forward to the event this year as much as you are. Watch out for the new site designed by Jill over at Nestingwell Designs, it’s gorgeous.

Volunteers Needed

It takes a lot of work to get ready for the Crater Lake Century, and it can’t happen without the generous help of our volunteers. This year we are recruiting approximately 50 volunteers in the following positions.

Pre-Event Volunteer Positions:

• Registration Team (6) – checks riders in Friday, Aug. 14th from 4- 7pm and Saturday, Aug. 15th from 6-8:30 am. Assembles rider information, bib numbers, bracelets, etc. before hand.

• Route Markers (2) – scouts route by bike or car two weeks before ride to assess safety issues. Places signage and marks hazards early Saturday morning before ride starts.

• Food Team (4) – organizes and prepares food and supplies for 300 riders. Emphasis will be on homemade food like roasted red potatoes, homemade cookies and maybe even a post ride dessert! Team will help assemble Sag Stop boxes. Event Day Volunteer Positions for Aug. 15th:

• Parking (2) – directs parking in an orderly manner. Shift 5:45-8:30 am. • Start & Finish Crew (8) – parcels riders out in groups of no more than 15, checks off bib numbers and gives a short safety talk. The finish crew welcomes riders home and tracks bib numbers so there is an accurate count of riders still on the course. Shifts 6-9 am, 9-1 pm, 1-4 pm, 4-7 pm.

• Sag Stops (20) – join us at one of our four rest stops, setting up tables, preparing and serving food and drinks. Shifts range from 3-5 hours starting at 7 am and ending at 6:30 pm.

• Clothing Bags/Dessert Servers (3) – shuttles bag drops from rest stops back to Fort Klamath and helps serve post ride dessert. Shifts 11-2 pm, 2-5 pm, 5-7 pm.

• Clean-Up (3) – help tear down tables, garbage pick-up, ??. Shift 5- 7:30 pm.


Please call or email Zach at 541-331-5247 or craterlakecentury@gmail.com if you are interested in helping!

2015 Date Selected


Riders we are please to announce the date for the 11th Annual Crater Lake Century Bike Ride.  Mark your calendars to join us on Saturday, August 15, 2015.  This date is pending approval from the Crater Lake National Park and the National Parks Service.  Registration will open after approval is granted.  Historically approval has been granted in mid-March.

Thank you for all your continued support.   We will see you in August.

Stay informed with the latest info by following us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CraterLakeCentury

CLC 2013 Donates $9000 to Charity

Left: Bill Haskins presents the Klamath County Museum a $3000 donation to Todd Keppel from the Crater Lake CenturyRight: Bill Haskins presents the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank a $6000 donation to Niki Sampson from the Crater Lake Century

Left: Bill Haskins presents the Klamath County Museum a $3000 donation to
Todd Keppel from the Crater Lake Century
Right: Bill Haskins presents the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank a $6000 donation to
Niki Sampson from the Crater Lake Century

Yesterday, we were pleased to offer our donations to the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank and the Klamath County Museums. After all the supplies were counted, jerseys ordered/shipped, and the expenses were paid, we were pleased to donate $9,000 to our charities.  Niki Sampson, Executive Director of the Klamath Lake Counties Food Bank, was on hand to accept the donation of $6000 for her organization.  Todd Kepple, Museums Manager for the Klamath County Museums was available to accept the donation of $3000 for his organization.

Sampson and Kepple offer their sincerest gratitude for the riders, volunteers and staff of the Crater Lake Century Bike Ride.  Without you, there would be no bike ride; and without a bike ride there would not be any donations for these charities.


Save the Date

A 2013 Crater Lake Century Rider along the north side of the rim. Photo by Brian Gailey Photography.

A 2013 Crater Lake Century Rider along the north side of the rim. Photo by Brian Gailey Photography.

Mark your calendars we have a PENDING date for the 10th Anniversary Crater Lake Century Bike Ride.  Saturday, August 16, 2014.  This is a tentative date and is subject to approval from the National Parks Service and therefore subject to change.

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Thank You

Boulders the size of busses

Boulders the size of busses

I don’t know about you guys, but I am absolutely exhausted so before I pass out I wanted to say Thank You for having enough trust in us to drive to the middle of a pasture and Ride the Rim with us.

I have to apologize for those of you that were craving the little red potatoes we had last year.  We actually cooked 75 pounds of the Reds, however they turned “bad” on us during the night. Instead of making everyone sick we had to dump them under the trailer before the ride.   It made me sick to do it, but I didn’t want you guys sick on the road.  Also, the wind gods were against us today and chose to blow the smoke our way instead of to the west as I requested.  Those of you that saw Crater Lake for the first time today now have a great excuse to ride with us next year…..  You really need to see the Caldera in all its glory on a crystal clear day.  Words cannot describe it and I hope you were still able to see how beautiful it is.

I haven’t heard of any crashes (yet) and everyone paid attention to my “NO ROAD RASH” Rule.

I also want to Thank some of our sponsors.  Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers for the WATER, SUBWAY for the sandwiches, Hutches Bicycle Shop for the TUBES, Nutrition Bars, Hammer Gel, Tires, Sag Support, and  Brian Gailey Photography

And of course this ride could never be possible without all the Volunteers that help me and you out each and every year.  They are AWESOME!!!

Once again I heard good reports about the after ride BBQ by Wubba’s, and of course the homemade cobbler and Ice Cream.  Ms. Rita and family once again did an awesome job.

Pretty much all of the food and water held up well, I think the Subway sandwiches even held up pretty well.  I would say that based on all the food that is still in my trailer, no one starved on the ride this year.

As far as the Crater Lake Century Jersey, you will be getting another email from me with all the pertinent information in the near future.  They will be $75 this year and I will be taking individual orders like we did last year.  Give me a couple weeks to recuperate before you start beating me up….

Once again, Thank you for supporting our ride and driving the long distances many of you did to get here.  I hope we lived up to your expectations and that you will join us again next year.

Now I am gonna pass out… It has been one long day….

Oh yeah…    Crater Lake Century – The Best Century Ride in America!!


Bill Haskins
Ride Director
Crater Lake Century

Wait List Update #3

Crater Lake in the distance

Crater Lake in the distance

Over the last two days we have received an unusually high number of refunds, thus opening up the ride to more people on the wait list.

This afternoon we sent out an email to the next batch of riders that entered their name into the wait list.  We have several spots available, so if you are on the wait list, you should be getting an email today or have already received an email at some point over the last couple days.

Be sure to check the email you provided when registering for the wait list, for instructions on how to register for the 2013 Crater Lake Century Bike Ride.  If you had not received an email and you placed your name on the wait list, check your spam filter. If you still did not get an email, please call our offices at 541.884.1343 to confirm your name was on the wait list.

Please note – The email will be sent from “cbads@cbkfalls.com” or “bgailey@cbkfalls.com”

Riders who were sent emails today:

  • Jason G.
  • Justin M.
  • Robert P.
  • Steve B.
  • Robert B.
  • Christopher J.
  • Emily K.
  • David L.
  • Frank C.
  • Frank B.
  • Bill S.
  • Ruth S.
  • Jeff W.
  • Jason D.
  • Gerald J.
  • Karen J.
  • Anthoni M.
  • Daniel K.
  • Tim H.
  • Ken F.
  • Jeff G.
  • Paul D.
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