2017 Event Update

Even though it doesn’t look like it yet, we are hard at work on this event for the 2017 year! We are currently working on a new website and have pretty much spent most of our attention there. I apologize if I have not gotten back to you in a timely fashion in the recent past. I have also been busy starting my own new bike shop, Zach’s Bikes, in downtown Klamath Falls.

To address a couple of the common questions I’ve received:

We have filed for a permit for the event for this year. This was dropped in the mail so as to arrive at the park on January 2nd (the first day to apply).

The tentative date will be August 19th, but that is pending National Parks approval.

We will be opening registration as soon as I have the permit in hand. This is usually the end of February or the start of March but could be as late as April.

I do not have control over road construction on the rim. I do not know where it will be, how extensive, or what the conditions will be. What I do know is that there will be persistent road construction for the next five to ten years, they will try to minimize the amount of road torn up to less than a mile at any given time, and that I will find out where they will be within two days of the event. We are looking into trying to have more volunteers on hand this year to offer shuttles across anything that is too bad.

We are looking forward to the event this year as much as you are. Watch out for the new site designed by Jill over at Nestingwell Designs, it’s gorgeous.

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